Friday, September 19, 2008

To infinity....and beyond!

I never thought a quote from a Disney movie would be my latest inspiration. But I guarantee it will be yours too after you read this story!

Go ahead and read it first, then come back to read more here.....

Amazing, isn't it? The love this man has for his autistic son is so beautiful. The sheer determination of the pair is beyond belief. As I read the story, I felt like I was reading an analogy of my life with Sarah and Rett Syndrome.

Getting swept out to a place I couldn't get back from. Feeling in the dark, yet empowered by the spirit inside my little girl. Feeling the pain. Feeling like I wanted to give up. Calling out, but to have no response. Wishing on the stars. Surviving the night by sheer will. The doubt. Then the triumph that Sarah is surviving day by day through bravery, patience, and love.

If you feel "swept away" --- call out "To infinity!" ---- "And beyond!"

They battled for 14 hours. You may have already battled 14 years or more. Keep paddling. Take moments to float and look at the stars. And keeping reaching for the "beyond."

Our girls will be survivors one day because of it.