Thursday, January 15, 2009

Karly's Blog

I have been following a wonderful blog by a young woman with Rett Syndrome. She is 23 and her name is Karly. She is able to communicate using "facilitated communication," using an aide to help access a keyboard.

I wanted to make sure you all read her posts! Especially the posts under the tab, "My Rett Body" where she talks about how things feel inside. Karly recently painted a beautiful picture and also composes music.

It is so beautiful to see expressed what we all hope is going on inside each of our girls: awareness, intelligence, creativity, thoughtfulness, motivation, and a sound spirit. Thank you Karly for sharing your world!

She also has introduced two other Rett girls who can communicate. I became an instant fan when she spoke about how well the Gluten Free/Dairy Free diet has worked!!! My dream is that ALL RETT GIRLS be on this diet.

Karly posts regularly, so be sure to become a follower!