Sunday, March 16, 2014

195 miles for 195 girls

So Cal Ragnar Relay Race - April 4-5, 2014
Not only is Team Sparkle an amazing group of dedicated women returning to defend their ultra women victory last year, but Team Sparkle has taken this opportunity to run not for themselves, not for the glory of victory, but for girls with Rett Syndrome — girls who cannot run at all. 
Team member Allison Foley says, "Rett Syndrome affects my 10-year-old daughter Emma, and I can speak first hand about the devastation of this neurological disorder that has stolen Emma’s independence.  But what Rett Syndrome cannot steal from Emma or any of the girls it affects, is their courage, bravery, strength, determination and hope—traits that we believe are characteristic of our team and of this great race."  

The team is sponsored by 
Sparkle Athletic, (a company inspiring athletes through the power of sparkle), will be running the entire race in pink & purple Sparkle Athletic skirts and superhero capes in honor of Girl Power 2Cure and their superheroes—girls, like Emma, affected by Rett Syndrome.  Each mile will be dedicated to a girl suffering from this devastating disorder. Funds raised will be donated to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.
195 miles for 195 girls who cannot run.

Mom of two, who runs for her daughter because Rett Syndrome has stolen her daughter's ability to run & do anything independently. Now Allison runs for her & all the girls who can't, so that someday they will. You can follow her on instagram at @afoley09.


Mother of 4, with not enough time to sew, run, thrift, DIY, mountain bike, & crochet... but she sneaks it in anyway. Author of the popular blog 
This Mama Makes Stuff & you can follow her on twitter/ instagram at @thisiscarrie.

She works. She runs. She eats. Then she blogs about the whole process. Author of the popular blog Chic Runner & you can follow her on twitter/ instagram at @chicrunner.

She's an Ironman triathlete who's got a BIG sweet tooth. The Cupcake Activist burns calories so she can eat them. Resides in the city of Orange. Author of the popular blog Cupcake Activist & you can follow her on twitter at @cupcakeactivist & on instagram at @elisewallace.

She's Canadian, a matchmaker & overall a very enthusiastic runner. You can follow her on twitter/ instagram at @jcbonn.
Wife. Mom to 4 crazy kids. Marathoner. Ironman. Large sweet tooth in search of the perfect cupcake. Author of the popular blog Sugar Coated Athlete & you can follow her on twitter at @sweetathlete & on instagram at @sugarcoatedathlete.

Thank you ladies! Can't wait to "follow" you on the course in just a few weeks!

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