Monday, April 22, 2013

National Volunteer Service Week: Welcome Mimi!

We'd like to take this opportunity during National Volunteer Week to introduce you to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Mimi Burns!

Mimi serves on our Mothers' Advisory Board and is a stay-at-home mother of two. Her oldest child, Sophia, has Rett Syndrome.  She is passionate about raising awareness for Rett Syndrome and doing everything she can to bring together volunteers of all ages and locations.

Mimi says, "My goal is to help raise awareness, to make friend connections for Rett Girls, and to give everyone the hand they need to fundraise, which holds the key to a cure for the thousands of girls affected by Rett Syndrome."

Mimi is always trying to find the perfect balance between coordinating Sophia’s extensive medical care, therapies, and home schooling while attending and coordinating the busy life of school, sports and extra curricular activities for younger brother, Calan.  She believes that it is important for both her children to understand the need for and the responsibility of volunteers.  Mimi and Sophia can often be found at her son's school, or out in the community, raising awareness, and giving back when and wherever possible.

Mimi shares her outlook: "In my own way, in my small little corner of the world, I have tried to give back....  To the community which embraces my family and I. To the schools that educate my children. To the strangers who have become friends, who travel along the same path as I do while loving someone who has Rett Syndrome.  I volunteer my hands, my time, talents, and sometimes just my listening ear or a strong shoulder.  I believe we all have the responsibility to volunteer, I am fortunate enough that I can do it with Girl Power 2 Cure, an organization I believe in with my whole heart."

Mimi lives in Crown Point, IN with her two children, Sophia (11) and Calan (9) along with their two dogs, Jade and Zoe.  We are thrilled to have Mimi working with our volunteers!

Ready to volunteer for GP2C? Email Mimi to get started! 

Did you know Girl Power 2 Cure is an official certifying organization of The President's Volunteer Service Award Program?  You can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Service Award with the hours you volunteer for our cause. Learn more about the award criteria here.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Million Dollar Milestone!

Grow baby grow! We have surpassed $1 million raised since our founding in 2006. The GP2C flower is sprouting up by the thousands all over the world, bringing the story of our beautiful, brave girls who are battling Rett Syndrome to light. We couldn't be more proud and more in awe of our families, supporters, donors, event hosts, staff, board and volunteers - from our largest corporate sponsors to the little 2-year-old sporting a flower on her cheek. We are doing this together.

And we have a lot more to do. We have big dreams. Dreams of better awareness, dreams of better education, dreams of treatments and of cures. Most of all, dreams of helping these girls live out THEIR dreams.

The flower is symbolic of something fragile yet powerful in its beauty, strength and ability to weather storms - just like girls living with Rett Syndrome. All of these girls deserve to blossom.

Thank you for your joining in on our fight. Not involved yet? Please reach out. We have lots of flowers to grow!

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