Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Book Nook

Keeping Katherine (a story of a Rett family)

In Keeping Katherine: A Mother's Journey to Acceptance Susan Zimmermann tells the story of her life with her daughter Katherine, who has Rett syndrome, a devastating neurological disorder. Writing with honesty and candor, Zimmermann chronicles her personal journey to accept the changed dynamic of her family; the strain of caring for a special needs child and the pressure it placed on her marriage, career, and relationship with her parents; the dilemma of whether Kat would be better cared for in a group home; and most important, the altered reality of her daughter’s future.

A story of personal transformation that reminds us that it isn’t what happens to us that shapes our humanity, but how we react, Keeping Katherine shows the unconditional love that exists in families and the gifts the profoundly disabled can offer to those who try to understand them.

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I found this book immediately following our diagnosis. To say it was a difficult read at that time would be an understatement. Every time I read, I ended up in tears. Wondering if this was our future. I stopped reading it at one point because I decided not knowing was better. But eventually I picked it back up because I had to know what happened. I’m so glad I did. After reading it, we passed it on to several of our close family members. I was a little afraid, knowing how I had felt about it, but I think it gave everyone a really honest look at what we would be facing without me having to say it. -- Kristy Brooks