Monday, June 30, 2014

Claire's Crusade: Rett University VIP Founding Member Partner


Today we are excited to announce a partnership with Claire's Crusade, a Rett Syndrome nonprofit based in Cleveland, Ohio (learn more at and ‘Like” 

On March 15, 2014, Girl Power 2 Cure launched its first educational initiative, Rett University - an e-learning platform specifically designed for educators and therapists of Rett Syndrome students. Experienced professionals share their cutting-edge knowledge on how to support their students with Rett Syndrome and push them to their highest levels of academic, physical and personal achievement.

Sean Reilly, Claire's Crusade President and Co-Founder, shared "It is with confidence that we are proud and honored to present GP2C with $10,000 on behalf of Claire's Crusade, our Board of Directors, Officers and numerous donors. We are beyond excited about the opportunity to partner with Girl Power 2 Cure as a VIP Founding Member of Rett University.

"Rett University has the potential to fill an immense void in the education system by providing a mechanism for educators to access the tools they need to effectively teach students with Rett Syndrome and successfully unlock their potential.  We look forward to collaborating with GP2C to expand upon this initial contribution and establish an ongoing scholarship program to Rett University so that many have the opportunity to achieve.”

Ingrid Harding, GP2C Executive Director, said "Claire's Crusade is deeply passionate about helping girls with Rett Syndrome. Their commitment to Rett University is invaluable. We look forward to working together to educate as many girls and their support teams as possible."

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