Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Folks!

We are excited to announce the addition of three amazing Rett moms to our Mothers' Advisory Board! What is the MAB? It is a group of dedicated mothers who have daughters with Rett Syndrome who help GP2C in many ways.

First and foremost, they serve as mentors to Rett families who have reached out to Girl Power 2 Cure for support and camaraderie. They help us spread awareness for GP2C and Rett Syndrome. They host really fun events! And, they serve as a sounding board for everything going on here at GP2C.

Let's meet these ladies! (Click here to meet the rest of our team).

Shelley Schmidt
“I am so excited to be working with Girl Power 2 Cure!  I have a feeling that some exciting things are going to be happening very soon in the Rett world!  Rett Syndrome is what McKenna has, but it is NOT who she is.  Living with Rett Syndrome really helps me put my life into perspective.  I have learned what is truly important.”

Shelley has a BA in Special Education, a Master’s degree in Reading, and she is currently working on a second Master’s degree in ESL.

Shelley has been a special education teacher for 23 years.  She teaches in an inclusive classroom, and she has presented on inclusion at Rett conferences in Illinois.  She lives in Plano, Illinois with her husband, Jim, and their three children, McKenna (17 RS), Bryson (12), and Braylon (4).

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Whitney Cooley
"Being Oaklynn's mom has been amazing. She has taught me so much more than I could ever teach her. These girls are so inspirational and deserve to live the life they have always wanted. Being a part of the Girl Power 2 Cure community has been great. I am so grateful my sister found it shortly after Oaklynn's diagnosis. It has brought me hope, encouragement, strength, and love. Let's help find these girls a cure!"

-Mom of 2 girls and owns a vinyl business in Arizona. Daughter is Oaklynn.

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Mimi Burns
When Sophia was diagnosed with Rett in 2006 I was overwhelmed by the (lack of) positive information available, lack of knowledgeable doctors, and the statistics that were presented in regards to quality, and quantity of life.  I felt there was little hope, and so little to believe in.... It was years later when I learned of Girl Power to Cure, and our lives were forever changed.  I learned that there was HOPE!  That we were not alone, and that together~ we CAN make a difference.  A simple invite for Rockin' for Rett gave me an insight to who and what GP2C was really all about.  Strangers welcomed us into their home, shared meals with us, and treated us like family.  My son learned that there are kids, all over the world with a Rett sister~ just like him. Through Girl Power we all formed friendships, and found a place to turn to for strength, guidance, advice, and support. Girl Power 2 Cure is a symbol of strength and courage.  Its flower, a simple reminder that if we believe, anything is possible.  I am honored to be a part of this organization, and am looking forward to meeting and helping other families on this journey. 

Mimi lives in Indiana with her son Calen and daughter Sophia.

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