Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GP2C Cards by Sandra Magsamen

We just added something very special to our store! Look at these wonderful cards created for us by internationally acclaimed artist, designer and author Sandra Magsamen!

"Believe in the power of believing in yourself."

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"It was my honor to create art for Girl Power 2 Cure. My dream is that my art touches lives in a meaningful and positive way, one heart at a time," shares Sandra.

GP2C Board Member, Emilie Rabke, says she was introduced to Sandra's work about eight years ago in a boutique shop in her hometown.  She was instantly drawn to her work by the touching quotes and unique pieces.

Emilie says, "I love how so many of her quotes are exactly what I want to say, it is like she is reading my mind!  Her work speaks to me and her handwritten quotes add a personal touch to each piece."

Emilie thought that Sandra Magsamen would be a perfect person to make a custom art piece for Girl Power 2 Cure as she believes in making every day count. 

She says, "Like all parents of a daughter with Rett Syndrome, we try to make the most out of each day for our daughters in helping them and others who are around them. All of our girls living with Rett Syndrome are a gift and they truly give us so much to celebrate in their own way.  They have taught us to believe and with this Sandra has written a beautiful quote to inspire us all.

"My hope for this project is that it will grow just like our Garden of Hope.  The cards are simple with our flower incorporated into them with a beautiful quote.  My hope is that people will not only believe that by purchasing these cards they are making a difference by contributing to research; but, that they learn to believe in girls with Rett Syndrome, like my daughter Anna Cate."

The note cards are approx. 4"x6" and come in a set of 12 with envelopes (4 of each design) and are available in our GP2C Store.  Purchase for just about any occasion -- Teacher Appreciation Week, End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts, Therapist Gifts, Mother's Day, Graduation, Birthday, Thank You, Holiday, OR Just Because! Proceeds will go to Rett Syndrome research.

Sandra adds, "I hope that these cards reach millions of hearts and the proceeds help to bring comfort, healing and a much prayed for cure!"

Thank you for your inspiration Sandra!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Faces at GP2C

Things are really blooming around here! We are so excited to introduce some new faces at GP2C to you!

Cynthia, our new Program Coordinator, brings over 15 years of experience in marketing, community building, and fundraising for the non-profit and healthcare sectors.  Her diverse background includes working with various national organizations such as the YMCA, United Way, AmeriCorps and the Alzheimer’s Association.  She is extremely excited to join Girl Power 2 Cure and bring her passion for helping others, as well as her unwavering spirit, to raising awareness for Rett Syndrome.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University with a double major in Psychology and Sociology.  Cynthia has a proven commitment to serving others and has been praised for her strong leadership skills, caring demeanor, and community involvement. Cynthia and her husband, Carlo, reside in St. Augustine, Florida with their three children- Carlo (5), Ava (3) and Aidan (1).

Tiffany, proud mother of two, will be taking charge of Team GP2C for the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon. She is a journalist and also runs a website called Mamamelia.com which caters to moms and families in the Amelia Island, FL area.

Taylor, our summer intern, is an English Major at Davidson College entering her Senior Year. She is a volunteer mentor with children in the Davidson community with autism and other special needs. She was her high school class valedictorian and also served as the President of Monroe County (GA) Youth Leadership organization.

Janelle, a graphic designer, is the Art Director and Owner of Kismet By Design. She is an avid volunteer and also the co-founder of Mind Over Matter, (M.O.M.) Inc., a nonprofit.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Hearts Are One

Together we cry...
Together we embrace...
Together we light up the slightest smile on her face.
Together we will do everything under the sun.
Together in Rett Syndrome, our hearts are one.

It has become a little tradition here at GP2C to send the following words of encouragement written by Susan Squellate Florence to all the mothers of Rett Girls on Mother's Day. These women are the rocks of their families, the strength for their daughters and the collective spirit of the Rett Syndrome community.

Be All That You Are
by Susan Squellate Florence

Be all that you are.
The sun will find you...
give you her warmth...
and bless you with her golden touch
as you awaken.

The wind will call you as you gently bend
and become open to the world
that surrounds you.

The soil will ground you.
The water will nourish you.
You have been planted here.
The world is yours to enjoy...
to expand...
to go wherever you want.

Life is the gift you have been given.
Love is the blessing you can feel.

It is all around...
in the flowers...
in the trees...
in the meadows...
on the mountain tops.

Give yourself a chance.
Give yourself some time.
to know who you are
to become all that you already are.

Accept the gifts of the new day.
be part of every person who says hello.

We are all just hearts alone and together beating
to the music inside.
Fulfilling our ambitions,
finding our places
in the wonder of the universe.

More than to hope in yourself,
may you believe in yourself.

Take your own hand on your own journey.
In the quiet you will hear the voice of wisdom.
In the stillness you will realize your deepest dreams.
And in your heart you will know how deeply you are loved.

Happy Mother’s Day!