Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Hearts Are One

Together we cry...
Together we embrace...
Together we light up the slightest smile on her face.
Together we will do everything under the sun.
Together in Rett Syndrome, our hearts are one.

It has become a little tradition here at GP2C to send the following words of encouragement written by Susan Squellate Florence to all the mothers of Rett Girls on Mother's Day. These women are the rocks of their families, the strength for their daughters and the collective spirit of the Rett Syndrome community.

Be All That You Are
by Susan Squellate Florence

Be all that you are.
The sun will find you...
give you her warmth...
and bless you with her golden touch
as you awaken.

The wind will call you as you gently bend
and become open to the world
that surrounds you.

The soil will ground you.
The water will nourish you.
You have been planted here.
The world is yours to enjoy...
to expand...
to go wherever you want.

Life is the gift you have been given.
Love is the blessing you can feel.

It is all around...
in the flowers...
in the trees...
in the meadows...
on the mountain tops.

Give yourself a chance.
Give yourself some time.
to know who you are
to become all that you already are.

Accept the gifts of the new day.
be part of every person who says hello.

We are all just hearts alone and together beating
to the music inside.
Fulfilling our ambitions,
finding our places
in the wonder of the universe.

More than to hope in yourself,
may you believe in yourself.

Take your own hand on your own journey.
In the quiet you will hear the voice of wisdom.
In the stillness you will realize your deepest dreams.
And in your heart you will know how deeply you are loved.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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