Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Tweets for Rett Syndrome

Get your Twitter accounts tweeting this month for Rett Syndrome Awareness Month! If you don't have an account, get one - even if it's just for the month.


Here are 31 Tweets for Rett - one for each day of the month.

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Have some fun and add in your favorite celebrities to these posts! Use the @ symbol to reach out to friends on twitter, etc. It's fun! (Once you have a twitter account, you can search for people and find out what their account name is.)

We are @girlpower2cure. You can also just go to our page at and retweet (share) from there!


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31 Tweets - October is #RettSyndrome Awareness Month - share this flower to help

A little girl is born with #RettSyndrome every 90 minutes.

Can't speak. Can't walk. Can't use hands. But you know everything going on around you. It's #RettSyndrome.

It's #RettSyndrome awareness month. Girls living trapped unable to speak or use their hands. Hear their stories.

October is not just for #breastcancer awareness. Women are suffering debilitated their whole lives with #RettSyndrome.

Have you seen these cool Purple Cards? 190,000 more people learned about #RettSyndrome this year. BE NEXT.

Baby girls are born "normal" but begin to lose motor skills between the ages of 1-3 years old. It's #RettSyndrome.

#RettSyndrome is caused by a single gene mutation that leads to underproduction of an important brain protein.

#RettSyndrome is the leading genetic cause of severe impairment in girls- most cannot speak, walk or use their hands.

Despite physical disabilities, girls with #RettSyndrome are functioning mentally at a much higher level than previously thought.

What is as prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, ALS and Huntington's but you have not heard of it? #RettSyndrome. It's a girl thing.

#RettSyndrome has been reversed in the lab and could be first curable neurological disorder.

Why retweet this @GirlPower2Cure flower? It is always in bloom with hope & positive energy. Join me in fighting #RettSyndrome.

Need a challenge? Try one day in my shoes. #rettsyndrome

Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's who walked into your life, said, "I'm here for you" and proved it. #girlpower2cure

Expectations.  Have them.  Rett Girls can do amazing things.  #rettsyndrome #girlpower2cure #physicaltherapy  

Not all superheroes wear capes!  #girlpower2cure #rettsyndrome

Believe in the power of believing in yourself! #rettsyndrome #girlpower2cure

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....I know I can  #rettsyndrome #girlpower2cure

Look into their eyes and hear what they are not saying; because of #rettsyndrome their eyes speak louder than their voices ever will.

In honor of #rettsyndrome awareness month, I am rockin' the @GP2C flower and you can too!

1:10,000 doesn't seem like many but if it's YOUR child, it's too many #rettsyndrome

There's real hope for a cure. #rettsyndrome #gp2c

I know a girl that puts the "rett" in pRETTy. Actually I know lots of them, let me introduce you:

#RettSyndrome steals more than a voice or the ability to walk. It can also take a precious life. #nomoreemptyarms

What can girls with #RettSyndrome do? Amazing things! WATCH:

Join the hundreds of people running for girls who can't. #rettsyndrome #untilshecan

I've met some amazing girls with #RettSyndrome.  I invite you to take a moment to meet some of them.

I've covered a lot of miles this year but so has @GirlPower2Cure. Join me in their fight against #RettSyndrome.

How can you help a girl with #RettSyndrome? Give them a voice and get involved!

Closer than ever to a cure. Hundreds of thousands girls & women can be saved. Join our fight against #rettsyndrome.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Caught Being Awesome

Rett Syndrome is a journey. It can be a long, tough journey. There are good days and bad days -- and then sometimes there is that moment in time when someone comes along and makes it an AWESOME day.

Now that school is back in session for most everyone, we want to kick off our new campaign - "Caught Being Awesome!" Yep! You get to catch people doing great things.

What kinds of people? People who play a role in the life of a Rett Girl.

What kinds of things? If you are a Rett parent, it might be a special needs teacher that created new boards for the speech generation device without you even asking, or your doctor who gathered the latest Rett Syndrome research for you “just in case” you had not seen it. OR maybe your child’s 1:1 aide organized an amazing game at recess being sure that your daughter was fully included. Who knows, it just might be your next door neighbor that helped her kids set up a lemonade stand and surprised you with the money to make a donation to GP2C in your daughter’s honor. 

If you know a Rett Girl, it might be seeing her bus driver make that extra effort to get the temperature just right on the bus, or seeing a peer in school reach out to communicate and help.

All around, there are people showing a little bit of awesome, and we want to help you acknowledge them!   

Simply fill out the nomination form and let us know a little bit about your nominee and their awesomeness.

What happens when someone is caught being awesome? Freebies and Prizes of course!

Here are a few things we are doing to help you celebrate them:

1. Get 10 free "Caught Being Awesome" postcards in the mail to hand out to folks you want to acknowledge.

2. If you submit their contact info and story, we will contact them plus send them a thank you email and CBA graphic to post online. If they give us permission, we will also share their story on our CBA blog and on Facebook.

3. All nominees submitted during the month of September will be entered into a RAFFLE DRAWING. Each week in October, we will select one nominee at random to win a gift certificate to the GP2C store. The best story will receive our GRAND PRIZE which is a choice of spa treatment or iTunes gift card for both the nominator and the nominee ($100 value).