Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweetest Thing

I have to share this story! After loading Sarah into the car after school today, a mom came over and said, "Is this the famous Sarah we are getting dressed up silly for on Wednesday?"

I said, "It sure is!"

So she continues with this story:

"I have a daughter in Kindergarten. At home she has had a little bowl on the front hall table all year. Whenever someone visits, she asks them to donate to her charity and she holds the bowl out. When asked, she does not know what her charity is...

so when the flier came home last week about Dress Up 2 Cure and Team Sarah, she came running in so happy and telling everyone, I know what my charity is now!!! So she will be bringing in all the little coins that have gone into that bowl for Sarah."

That story really moved me. You just never now the impact our girls are having on the people around them. What a special moment. I can't wait for Wednesday!!!!

If you are not part of Dress Up 2 Cure to help us raise funds for Rett Syndrome research, you need to be! -- chip in the change from your "bowl" in April. And next year, start a team of your own!

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