Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walks, Parades and Churches...oh my!

Kudos to all the families who are making this October's Rett Syndrome Awareness Month ROCK!

We started with Golf for a Cure for Kylie in Michigan. Then up to NY for Rockin' for Rett for Emma! Last week, Angola, Indiana rocked for Brooklyn.

Coming up.... Toast for a Cure in Dallas for Juliana and Win for Brynn 5K in Columbus, OH!

Aside from our events, there are three other great activities I just have to share!

ONE: Last week on October 8th, St. Joseph's School in Malone, NY held a "Rock the Walk" in honor of Emma Dalton. It was a simple concept that really had an impact. About 300 students, grades 3-5, all pitched in to create a Garden of Hope at school (raising $300!) and walked around their community in honor of Emma.

TWO: Then on October 9th, a Girl Power 2 Cure parade float came to town in Topton, PA in honor of Emma Shubert! The Shubert Family worked with 38 Brandywine Heights Girl Scouts, 14 moms, 6 dads and 2 little brothers to build an amazing awareness float that had photos of 9 Rett girls on it. They designed, built, painted... they put together 2,500 lollipop/awareness cards to hand out to the crowd...and even came up with a great chant to sing to the 10,000 plus spectators. Way to go Shubert Family and Girl Scouts!

THREE: Well, then the Shubert's lollipops got Amanda Reid's mom, Ronna, thinking... and she is now putting together lollipop cards to pass out at their church's "Pierce of Darkeness" (a Trunk-or-Treat event) on October 30th. This is an event planned for the kids to be able to trick-or-treat in the church parking lot in a safe environment. Oh, and they also plan to grow a Garden of Hope on their van! Looking forward to pictures!

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