Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GP2C Launches New Superhero Dolls!

From chalk, to digital, to print to plush! Our GP2C Superhero is now huggable!

Our little superhero, Anna Cate, first appeared as a chalk drawing at a 5K race in Richmond, VA in November 2012. The artist, Jen Lange, then took her to the digital world. Soon after, Jen created different superhero girls inspired by each of our board and advisory board members' daughters.

Once we had such an amazing group of little superheros, we started to print them on banners and postcards and more!

We thought, "they are so cute and just jump off the page!" hmmmm maybe they CAN just jump off the page and we can make them into dolls so that everyone can have a superhero inspired by their daughter or another little superhero in their lives!

Introducing the GP2C Superhero Doll collection!


Each doll is 26" tall. You can choose hair and eye color as well as skin tone. There is a limited number per week that we can have made, so order soon if you want in time for the holidays!

Thank you to Emilie and Anna Cate Rabke, Adina Nickerson, and Jen Lange as well as Sabrina Nalbantian of Le Petit Creations!

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