Friday, April 24, 2015

Team Zoe Superheroes!

There's something special that happens when Team Zoe steps out to raise awareness and funds for Rett Syndrome.  As you can see from the photos above, this group (led by Zoe's mom Amy) moves mountains for this special little girl and her fight against a syndrome that has stolen her voice and use of her hands as well as her ability to do so many things a little girl should be able to do: dance, run, skip and play.

Girl Power 2 Cure recently awarded our first annual "Superhero of the Year Award" to this great team and their city, La Porte, IN. 

Here is a photo of Zoe and members of the team with Mayor Milo. The La Porte community has played a vital role in Team Zoe's successful fundraising. They have helped raise over $40,000 and rank as the number one city for our Facebook fans and website visitors. 

photo by Matt Fritz

We can't thank Team Zoe enough for their commitment, passion, creativity and positive impact on the Rett Syndrome community and our organization.

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