Thursday, October 16, 2008

"She just took off!"

OK -- Can you feel my huge grin strrrrrretching from ear to ear? Today is a banner day and I want to share it with you!

First, Sarah just got a new walker last week.... really her first one, because the old one just gathered dust since she hated it so much. Well, she loves this one. It is called an "Up N Go" ( You can see Sarah using it on her YouTube page. I highly recommend it to any of you looking to help your daughter learn to walk!

Today, after school, her aide told me that she let go of Sarah's walker for a brief moment to get a book, and Sarah "just took off!" She "ran" away across the room!

So this is her very first taste of freedom. Well, once about 4 years ago, she took 10 steps in a walker, but it just wasn't so deliberate --- today Sarah new exactly what she was doing and she was beside herself!

Along that theme..... you must watch an amazing video of another little girl. Her name is Teya. She does not have Rett, but she does work her tail off to learn to walk after many years of therapy using the Cuevas Medek technique. It is truly a beautiful video to watch. Grab the tissues and go to or


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Avery said...

Woo-hoo,Sarah! That is awesome!